Why I choose to build my website with ProPhoto

October 28, 2019

Why I chose to build my website with ProPhoto - there are so many website platforms out there. On the blog, I'm sharing my favorite website platform and why it's so great. DIY website, building a website, designing a website, ProPhoto website, The Blog Stop, Ariel Garcia

New series coming atchya! Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about DIYing the website process. It’s a daunting process, I know. So I thought I’d start a new blog post series on building a website. This is something I’ll try to blog about once a month or as specific questions come up.

Up first, Why I chose to build my website with ProPhoto.

There are currently SO many website platforms to choose from. If you’re just getting started, it can be hard to know which is the best for your needs. And rather than discuss the pros and cons of all of them, I want to share specifically why I chose to build my website with ProPhoto.

If you’re not familiar with ProPhoto, it’s a WordPress theme with its own drag-n-drop customization platform. WordPress themes are typically very confusing to customize without some coding knowledge. ProPhoto makes it easy to build and customize your website design with its user-friendly site builder.

PS – I wrote a step-by-step guide on setting up your WordPress site HERE. You’ll need WordPress to use the amazing capabilities of ProPhoto.

There are many reasons why ProPhoto stands above the rest. Today, I want to highlight my top four.

Customer Support

The website building process is hard and frustrating. Which is why good support is SO valuable. The ProPhoto support team is always available to answer your questions. They’ll even pop into the backend of your site and fix an issue for FREE. I don’t know of any other WordPress theme developers that offer this. Not to mention, they’ve created a HUGE database of tutorials & videos if you need help getting started.

WordPress Backend

Since ProPhoto works like a WordPress theme, you still have all the amazing features of the WordPress backend (plugins, blog posts, insights, etc.).


The most important thing to me when choosing a platform was “how easy will it be to customize?”. I’m not a developer so I needed the ability to change the look of my site without editing the code. I’ve built websites with Squarespace, Wix and Showit. And ProPhoto has, by far, the most customizable website building platform. You can customize EVERYTHING, from padding to how your site looks on mobile to background images and videos, down to the very last little pixel on the page.


WordPress is free to use. The only thing you need to pay for is a one-time ProPhoto license fee. This license allows you to use their theme on two websites. It’s a one-time purchase of $249. Buuuuut if you CLICK THIS LINK you can get $20 off, making it $229. Most other website platforms (like Squarespace or Showit) charge a monthly subscription fee. For example, it will cost you $39/month to build your website with Showit. ONE YEAR of Showit comes out to $468!!! And I guarantee you’ll want to keep your website for more than one year.

If you’re interested in getting started with ProPhoto, I’ve created a FREE 3-day email course called “How to Set-Up Your WordPress Site with ProPhoto”.

I love ProPhoto. It’s completely changed the way I can design and build my own website. If you’re ready to take the leap, head over to my template shop and get started customizing!

I’d love to know what other areas of DIYing your website you need help with! Let me know in the comments below.


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