our design philosophy

Good design makes people feel something. When done right, it captivates and calls people to take action. That’s influence in its most beautiful, authentic and vulnerable form. We believe that creativity is synonymous with innovation. It’s creating something that doesn’t exist yet out of nothing. And we're committed to delivering work that truly makes you look like no one else.


About Ariel

Ariel Garcia is a self-taught graphic & web designer from Portland, Oregon. Inspired by her love for pushing the boundaries of creative innovation, ByAriel was born. Through this platform she continues to work with inspiring bloggers & business owners, elevating their blog & website design and online presence. She also expresses her love for design, fashion, travel & art through the posts found on her own personal blog. Ariel’s typical day consists of several cups of coffee, logo designing, collaborating with clients, styling products & planning her next adventure.