Stockholm City Guide

July 26, 2018

Stockholm City Guide, Stockholm, Visiting Stockholm, Places to see in Stockholm, where to eat in Stockholm, where to fika in Stockholm

Stockholm was the first stop on our year-long trip around the world. We chose Stockholm because I have family living there and we thought it would make a smooth first location as we transitioned into this new lifestyle. It is also one of Europe’s northernmost countries and we decided we could work our way south from there.

From the minute we arrived, I knew I was in love. The colors in Stockholm are BEAUTIFUL. I was in complete heaven, surrounded by all the pinks, reds & browns. If I could choose a country to represent my visual aesthetic, it would be Stockholm.

We stayed in Stockholm for one month and were able to see & do so much during our stay.

Stockholm City Guide, Stockholm, Visiting Stockholm, Places to see in Stockholm, where to eat in Stockholm, where to fika in Stockholm



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Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan is Stockholm’s Old Town. Here you will find the iconic old buildings and streets that you picture when you think of Stockholm. This was by far one of my favorite places to explore & spend time. There are many beautiful doorways for photo-opts, shops & cute outdoor cafes. You can also find the world’s narrowest ally way or hop on a ghost tour of the neighborhood.



Sodermalm is Stockholm’s trendy, hipster neighborhood. Here you’ll find quirky local boutiques, second-hand stores & the best food in the city. The buildings in this area aren’t nearly as beautiful as Gamla Stan, but I found myself heading to Sodermalm anytime I wanted a good meal or an exceptional cup of coffee.



If you’re looking for a beautiful Stockholm photo-opt, head to Strandvagen street! This street is right on the water and houses rows and rows of beautiful apartments and homes. It’s also right on the water and you can take a stroll along the dock. You’ll get a nice view of the Grona Lund Amusement park and can treat yourself to a glass of wine at one of the many outdoor restaurants that line the waterfront.


Subway Art

This was one of my favorite things to explore in Stockholm! Many of the Metro (or subway) stations have really cool artwork displays. If you hop on the red or blue line, you’ll be delighted by the colorful stations to explore. My favorites included T-Centralen, Kungstradgarden, Morby Centrum & Brunkebergstunneln.


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The Fotografiska was by far my favorite museum in Stockholm. It’s right on the water and before you even walk through the doors, you’ll a beautiful view of the city. The museum itself showcases seasonal, rotating photography exhibits from photographers around the world. Each exhibit is presented with unique lighting, projections & music to compliment each photographers collection. When you step into an exhibit, you will enjoy a complete sensory experience while browsing some of the best photography work in the world. A must see in my opinion!


Modern Art Museum

The Modern Art Museum is a fun stop if you have time! It’s free (always a bonus) & you can see quite a few famous pieces from Andy Warhol, Picasso & Matise to name a few. For the price, it is a fun way to spend an hour or so of your time. It’s located on one of Stockholm’s many islands which we walked to from Stockholm City train station. It is a fun area to explore before or after your museum visit!


Vasa Museum

This was another top Stockholm museum for me. The Vasa Museum houses the famous Vasa ship from the 17th century. It sunk right outside Stockholm city and was resurrected from the water 300 years later. The ship is in almost perfect condition and is the most well-preserved ship from its era in the whole world. I would definitely recommend taking advantage of the free 30-minute guided tour to hear the exciting story of how & why the ship sank!


Rosendal Tradgard

Rosendal Tradgard is the place to go for beautiful flowers, rows of greenhouses, the most scenic cup of coffee & bees making fresh honey.


Stockholm City Guide, Stockholm, Visiting Stockholm, Places to see in Stockholm, where to eat in Stockholm, where to fika in Stockholm


[ Fika ] a traditional Swedish afternoon coffee break.


Fabrique is home to some of the best pastries in Stockholm. And who doesn’t love drinking coffee from a green Acme mug? There are several locations throughout the city and you’ll probably find yourself making daily drop-ins.



Located in the hip Sodermalm neighborhood, Drop did not disappoint! They roast their own beans and Drop was one of the few places I could find cold brew in Stockholm. The coffee was great & the interior reminded me of an LA coffee shop.



Vete-Katten is a great place to go for a traditional Swedish fika! You’ll find delicious coffee & pastries and the perfect environment to rest after a long day of site-seeing.


Cafe Pascal

I loved this place! Cafe Pascal had great coffee, AMAZING sandwiches & a lovely ambiance. This is also where I had the best cinnamon bun in Stockholm.



If you’re heading to the Fotografiska, make sure to hit up the cafe upstairs before you leave! You’ll find huge windows lining the walls, giving you a perfect view of the water and city skyline. Oh, and good food & drink.



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Greasy Spoon

Located in Sodermalm, Greasy Spoon was my favorite Stockholm brunch spot! The food was amazing & filling. I had bacon, whiskey pancakes that had to be the thickest, most delicious pancakes I’ve ever eaten.

Urban Deli/Takpark

There are a few Urban Deli locations in Stockholm, but we visited the one in Sodermalm. You’ll find a fresh menu filled with seasonal options. We also ended up visiting their location in the city for their Takpark rooftop bar. This one had SUCH a chill vibe and was the perfect place to hang out with friends as the sun set.


Cavabaren was a recommendation from one of my IG followers and I’m so glad I went! Levi and I chose this place for our anniversary & enjoyed a bottle of cava and Spanish tapas. There were so many delicious things on the menu and I wish I could have tried them all!


Tak is another rooftop bar located pretty close to Stockholm City station. We were in Sweden during the World Cup and went here to watch the Sweden vs. England game. It’s a little on the spendy side, but a fun splurge if you want to spend a posh evening in the city.


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Located on Djurgarden (home to many Stockholm museums), Skroten is a little lunch spot off the beaten path. If you’re in the area seeing the Vasa Museum, Skansen or Rosendal Tradgard, be sure to stop in for lunch or a fika. Go early! They ran out of some of the lunch specials by the time we arrived.

Bun Bun

Another Djurgarden fave! Bun Bun is a food truck parked right outside the Nordic Museum. Specializing in Banh Mi, you can grab a sandwich and enjoy it in one of Djurgarden’s many beautiful parks!

19 Glas

19 Glas is a Gamla Stan bar we stumbled upon our last night in Stockholm. It felt like a right-of-passage to sip a beer in the Old Town, but many bars in this area are crowded and feel touristy. If you’re looking for a quiet, local spot to sit outside with a Swedish brew, 19 Glas is your spot!


Kvarnen is a fun place for a traditional Swedish meal! You can order items like reindeer & Swedish meatballs. I also loved the interior and it was a lovely embodiment of hearty Swedish cuisine.



I loved everything about Stockholm – the colors, the people, the architecture. Definitely hope to go back one day.

On to Copenhagen!