Drop Dead Designer: A Peek Inside Our Exclusive Course

March 7, 2022

Guysssss, I can hardly contain my excitement… We closed the doors to Drop Dead Designer last month and have, wait for it, hundreds of incredible students are kicking some booty growing their businesses!

Late to this party and wondering what the Drop Dead Designer Course is? Come on in…

What is the Drop Dead Designer Course?

The Drop Dead Designer Course is your roadmap for creating the wildly profitable, deeply fulfilling design business you know you are capable of. It is absolutely packed with lessons, tools, and insights from my own journey building a business that’s on track to hit $1M in revenue this year.

$1M in revenue sounds impressive, but don’t be fooled — it wasn’t easy. It took me years of second-guessing whether I was on the right track. Years of trying and failing and trying again until I figured out what works. When I finally stopped working for legit pennies, had the confidence to raise my prices, and created a luxury service for clients I loooove working with, everything changed for the better. 

I want all of this for you too – without you having to spend painful years of your life trying to get there. That’s what my Drop Dead Designer course is all about. 

What’s Inside the Drop Dead Designer Course?

What’s inside this life-changing course that is going to help you build the wildly profitable design business of your dreams? Soooo much good stuff. A few (but not all) of the highlights include…

Discovering your Designer MagicTM with in-depth practices and exercises for developing your signature style, AKA your Designer MagicTM, and standing out from the crowd in a way that feels life-giving and authentic.

P.S. You can also get a head start discovering your Designer Magic inside our workshop, The Designer Magic Method! I won’t cover everything that’s in the Drop Dead Designer course, but it’s enough to get those creative wheels turning and change the way you see your work.

Get an A-Z, high-end, done-for-you client process with all the bells and whistles. Yes, this includes templates you can literally use right away to offer your clients a luxury experience they’re willing to pay big $$$ for.

Meet Building a Business 101 — everything no one taught us, from legalizing your business, doing your taxes, setting and achieving revenue goals, and building a business that’s profitable and set up to scale to six figures and beyond. These might not be sexy, but they are essential to a business that lasts.

Also known as: Digital Product Creation & Passive Revenue. Lessons on how to create multiple revenue streams with unique, irresistible, and passive digital products. Never feel like you have to live project-to-project again.

Now, we get to Marketing 101 for Designers. Learn how to find high-ticket clients, position your business in the market, grow an audience (even if you’re starting small), and make money fast. No more competing for jobs on Upwork. *shudder*

You’ll also have access to Weekly Group Coaching Calls + Expert Masterclasses. Learn at your own pace, get focused attention on YOUR business, while feeling inspired and supported by weekly group coaching sessions and masterclasses with industry experts. This is where an online course meets REAL momentum to keep you moving toward your goals!

So, what are you waiting for?? Join Drop Dead Designer today! I can’t wait for you to see how it changes your business — and your life — for the better. Because you, my friend, are infinitely powerful.

See you there,