Case Study: Drop Dead Designer Coaching Results with The Brand Doula

March 30, 2021

You guys… can I brag about our Drop Dead Designer students for a minute? These talented designers have… 

  • gone from being underpaid to wildly profitable, even landing five-figure projects
  • transformed their design side hustles into full-time careers
  • established themselves as high-end designers
  • created businesses on trajectory to earn six figures this year

Isn’t that incredible?! And that’s just the beginning.

Honestly, stories like these are exactly why I got into coaching. There is no need for anyone to feel like a “struggling artist.” And no, you don’t have to “pay your dues” for years before you’re “allowed” to succeed. 

With a little guidance, knowledge, and action, your design career can be as profitable and fulfilling as you want it to be. This is what we teach in Drop Dead Designer. But rather than telling you about it, we’re letting one of our students do the talking. 😉 

Today, let’s hear Lola’s story.

Case Study Snapshot:  

Business: The Brand Doula
Student: Lola
Programs: 8-week group coaching (Drop Dead Designer)
The Brand Doula’s Success Stats:

  • Launched brand and website
  • Streamlined and up-leveled client process
  • Tripled rates
  • First five-figure month!
  • 10x increase in monthly income after 2 months
  • On-track to make six-figures in the next 12 months
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Ahhhh, these stats are incredible! And did you know only 10% of designers (graphic designers, brand designers, and website designers) reach an income level of six figures? Not on my watch, friends. Lola is proof that with the right approach and plan, the sky is the limit! 

But hey, let’s hear from Lola herself, shall we? Come join us for another fun interview….

Ariel: Hey, Lola! Thanks so much for agreeing to chat with me.

Lola: Of course, happy to!

Ariel: So, why don’t we start by traveling back in time a little bit. Do you remember what you were experiencing when you decided to sign up for Drop Dead Designer?

Lola: My biggest questions were around pricing, how many clients to take on each quarter, and managing finances. I was hoping to come out of the program with a solidified end-to-end process that would wow my clients. Plus a strong financial plan — I was having trouble wrapping my mind around how I could scale and sustain my business so I could design full-time.

Ariel: Totally. I think those are the two biggest questions I hear, actually. ‘How do I set prices? How do I do this full-time?’ At that moment, did you feel like you needed more projects or better projects?

Lola: Well, I was having a lot of trouble balancing the amount of time I spent working on client projects and the time I spent working on my actual business. So I feel like I struggled with being time efficient with the client projects I had. 

Ariel: I know exactly what you mean. I think a lot of designers, or new business owners for that matter, get stuck in the cycle of working endlessly on client projects and not having time for their own businesses or careers. It is exhausting to feel like you’re on the hamster wheel with projects, constantly working but never really making the progress you want to see. 

Lola: Absolutely. A lot of the projects and things I wanted to work on for my business often fell to the wayside. 

Ariel: Well, I’m so happy you didn’t leave them on the wayside and that you joined Drop Dead Designer! Okay, so let’s say your three big goals were: pricing, process, and sustainability. How do you feel about those three things after completing the 8-week curriculum?

Lola: Immediate changes were not only having a full roster of clients for Q1, but all of them being at the highest rates I’ve ever charged. The lowest project I quoted is triple what I was charging before. You challenged me to raise my prices and stick to them, and you were right. It took some time, but I began getting clients who didn’t even blink at what I was quoting and who were ready to book at the inquiry call. I also learned about creating self-sustaining products and created a new income stream by launching my first digital product. I am super excited to grow that area of my business now.

Ariel: That’s amazing!! I LOVE hearing that. Has it changed anything about how you see your work as a designer?

Lola: Oh yeah. Overall, I’ve been empowered to start thinking more seriously about making this a full-time job. I had never sat down and made a financial plan. The money module and those assignments made me realize that it was possible and gave me real goals and direction to orient myself to!

Ariel: Yassss. There’s nothing quite so empowering as taking control of your finances, am I right? [Laughs]

Lola: [Laughs] No joke!

Ariel: Okay, so you’re killing it financially. You’re taking the role of savvy business owner. But here’s the most important question… how do you feel? 

Lola: I truly feel like the trajectory of my business was completely changed by Drop Dead Designer. Everything was taught with such honesty and transparency, and I knew that it was possible for me to grow just as you have. It feels great!

Ariel: Gahhhh, I am so beyond happy for you. We’ll wrap things up here, but thank you so much for taking the time to tell us about your success. We are rooting for you every step of the way!

Lola: Thanks, Ariel. It’s been real! 

You guys… isn’t Lola’s story incredible?? And you know what the best part is? It’s not about luck. Building a captivating, lucrative design business simply requires strategy. Simple but powerful strategy that, when applied, makes things happen so quickly that it feels like magic.

If you’re ready to write your own story, establish yourself as a high-end designer, and build a profitable business… my Drop Dead Designer program is waiting for you. I can’t wait to see you there.